Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Phoenix Technology Corporation® provides Medical Physics support services to clients possessing radioactive materials licenses. Nuclear medicine audit services are designed to assist clients in maintaining compliance with State and Federal Regulations as well as Joint Commission, ACR, and other standards.

These services focus on radiation protection within the nuclear medicine program, equipment quality control testing and related documentation, and medical/legal implications of activities conducted under the radioactive materials license.



As part of the quarterly or semi-annual audits, we provide:

  • A comprehensive set of example forms, policies, and procedures for use within your department to assist with the required maintenance of records
  • During and at the completion of the audit, a verbal review of findings and recommendations with technologists, RSO, and other appropriate staff members
  • A written ‘Findings and Recommendations’ summary sheet
  • A ‘Quality Control Log’ sheet containing due dates for QC testing, staff training, and other items which must be completed in order to maintain regulatory compliance. This sheet serves as a handy schedule for staff to keep track of QC items which might otherwise be overlooked
  • Certificates documenting completion of equipment testing, training, and other services provided during the visit
  • A personnel dosimetry review summary, along with ALARA notification letters when needed



In addition to audits, we are happy to offer other services related to nuclear medicine, including:

  • Physicist attendance at Radiation Safety Committee meetings
  • Assistance with preparation of radioactive materials license applications and amendments
  • Bulletins and alerts to make clients aware of changes in regulatory and accreditation requirements and other need-to-know information
  • A quarterly newsletter with articles written by our staff about hot topics in the diagnostic imaging world
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