The physicists of Phoenix Technology Corporation® have evaluated in excess of 1,000 mammography units. Our experience places us at the forefront of physics testing for this modality and has allowed us to amass an extensive database of compliance records for multiple vendors. Consequently, we possess a unique perspective on equipment performance and capabilities and will voluntarily share this information to assist clients in the selection of new equipment.  Our annual mammography survey report follows the ACR format, allowing our clients to easily understand the information provided. This format also facilitates inspection by ACR/MQSA as well as the submission of data for accreditation. In addition, a mammography dosimetry report describing the dose in mRads per view is provided for each unit evaluated allowing facilities to assess patient doses (when needed) quickly and easily. Each report includes the curriculum vitae for the surveyor as well as a signed attestation form assuming that your records are complete and ready for any audits or inspections. We can assist clients with the review of the required ACR quality control documentation on a quarterly basis. A narrative documenting the review is provided for the client’s records. This report includes comments and/or recommendations regarding the overall condition of the mammography quality assurance program.

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