As reimbursements continue to decline in all areas of healthcare, cost-saving alternatives are more important than ever.  In partnership with Mirion Global Dosimetry Services, we are pleased to offer a wide array of personnel dosimetry devices and services at a substantial cost reduction to our clients.

Global Dosimetry Solutions is a division of Mirion Technologies, a dominant global supplier to the nuclear power instrumentation, civil and military defense, healthcare, dental, and health physics markets. GDS is a leading provider of quality radiation monitoring solutions and services to a variety of end users. They are fully accredited and licensed to provide dosimetry services through well-known organizations such as NVLAP, DOELAP, and Canada’s CNSC, and the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. Once service has been initiated you will be contacted by a New Account Administrator to begin the seamless transition of your service to GDS. Our New Account Administrator will guide you through a short questionnaire about your service. We will set up your account based on your current configuration. You may continue to use your current location/series codes and participant numbers to avoid confusion. Upon the receipt of the final dose reports from your current vendor we can transfer the information to the new system to ensure the accuracy of your shipments and reports.


Dosimetry services include the following at no extra fee: Dedicated Account Representative – We assign a dedicated representative to work directly with you. That means anytime you need assistance, you will be dealing with someone who is intimately knowledgeable about your account. Computer and web based applications – GDS offers the most robust online and computer applications in the industry from reporting and account maintenance to tracking badges. They continue to invest in new technologies that will save our customers time in the management of their dosimetry programs. GDS Online – An online account management solution designed with you in mind.

With GDS Online you can: Manage wearers and badge assignments. Reassign badges. Transfer individuals between locations. Generate various reports and review dose histories. Edit and update account information and view audit trails. Download and archive paperless dose reports and invoices. Email notification of when reports are available for review/download. Instantly review dose histories for any facility by individual or department. Generate ALARA reports by account or location (series).

My Dose Record (MDR) – This web based solution will save you time. MDR is a secure way for your employees to access their dose history online. If you choose to give this option to your employees, they simply log in to our website to view their dose history records in real time. Emails are automatically sent when new reports are ready to be reviewed.

BadgeTrak™ – BadgeTrak is our exclusive badge management software that allows you to track all badges currently in your facility. BadgeTrak includes detailed reporting capabilities so you can view collection status or history at a moment’s notice.

Technical Assistance – With over 100 years combined dosimetry experience our technical group is staffed with highly qualified health physics specialists and radiation dosimetry experts. As a preferred client of Phoenix Technology Corporation in partnership with GDS, we make our technical staff available to you, whether you have questions or need assistance with your radiation monitoring program.

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